The entire operation is governed by stringent quality systems to ensure consistency in quality with continuous process improvement. We inculcate a culture of Total Quality Management, thereby empowering every employee to be constantly vigilant in maintaining the quality levels. All our key employees have many years of experience in the related industry.

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Vendor Management
we have a stringent pre-qualification system to choose vendors for supply of machinery, raw material, packaging and consumables.

Raw Material Inspection
Raw materials and consumables undergo quality inspection at the store level before it reaches the production floor.

WIP Inspection
Regular inspections are conducted by QC engineers at all stages of production namely wire drawing, nail making, threading, polishing & collation.

In-house Laboratory Test
Finished goods and WIP material undergo following Pre & Post production tests.

  • Tensile testing for drawn wire
  • Bend yield moment test of nail
  • Dimensional analysis
  • HDG coating weight analysis
  • EG coating weight analysis

Pre-Dispatch Inspection
All the Finished Goods are inspected at the Pre dispatch stage. This is not only done to inspect the finished product, but also to check the integrity of packaging material and container stuffing process to ensure sea worthiness of the shipment.

Our ERP system governs the entire manufacturing process and the in process material is tracked from raw material stage to the finished goods stage. Each box of finished product carries a unique identification number that can provide relevant details which help us trace the raw material and all the processes that were involved in manufacturing that particular product.


  • Astrotech Steels Private Limited is committed to practicing Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management system in all its core processes, activities, products & services in day-to-day operations.
  • Astrotech Steels Private Limited will plan Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management strategies and initiate actions towards customer satisfaction, prevention of injury, ill Health & Environmental pollution.
  • Astrotech Steels Private Limited strives towards achieving Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental objectives by continual improvement, Waste Management, Resource Conservation and minimizing Health & Safety Hazards.
  • Astrotech Steels Private Limited is committed to comply with all applicable Legal and Other requirements related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.


  • Conducting Fire Drill on regular basis
  • Nil Accident Rate
  • Effective use of electrical safety
  • Anti Smoking campaign has been successfully accomplished
  • Employee undergoes industrial safety training periodically
  • Special PPE provided for wire drawing & tool room operators
  • New Joiners meticulously undergoes safety induction training.