Welcome to Astrotech Steels Pvt Ltd

We manufacture and distribute Specialized Steel products like Engineered Fasteners, Concrete Accessories, Coated Wire and other products that primarily cater to the Industrial and Construction sectors. Our Clients are spread across the globe in countries like U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Australia, South Korea, India, South America, Africa, UAE, Europe, Sri Lanka and a few other countries. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is equipped with precision machinery which is technologically superior and consistent in producing quality products. We are located in one of the top Industrial hubs in India, with close proximity to major Sea Ports that have excellent connectivity to many major ports of the world. This allows us to cater to customers around the globe and also helps us to process and deliver the goods within shorter lead times.

The entire operation is governed by stringent quality systems to ensure consistency in quality with continuous process improvement. We inculcate a culture of Total Quality Management, thereby empowering every employee to be constantly vigilant in maintaining the quality levels. All our key employees have many years of experience in the related industry. Our broad product portfolio is our one of our key differentiators and also serves as our U.S.P.

Our inhouse R & D team is always active in working in close coordination with customers to successfully develop new products and also meet the constantly evolving product and packaging requirements. This helps us to continuously reinvent ourselves and stay ahead of the competition.

Integrated Operations

Our manufacturing operation is totally integrated and the complete process right from wire drawing to finished product and shipment happens in one single location. This helps us have better control on our processes and operations. We have a holistic Quality inspection/Quality Assurance system in place which governs the entire operation. All our process functions are also governed by an effective ERP system thereby enabling us to maintain accurate and real time data in all areas of operation. We also have a Quality Testing laboratory within our Plant where we carry out all relevant inspection tests.

Precision Equipment

All our manufacturing equipment have been selected after a thorough due diligence of various types of machines available across the globe. We therefore have high end machines for every stage of manufacturing. We also provide high impetus on sourcing the right quality of raw material and consumables to manufacture our products.

Skilled Manpower

A large majority of the technical manpower in our company have many years of work experience within the same industry. We have a rigorous system of screening, selection, training and induction for all our employees. We also have a continuous training program that every employee undergoes on a regular basis. We have an effective review and appraisal program that encourages all employees to continuously keep upgrading their skill sets and also to maintain high levels of performance.

Global Market presence

Our customers are spread out in many countries across all continents of the globe. Our state of the art manufacturing operation, unblemished reputation, unique geographic location, highly skilled work force, wide product capabilities and esteemed service help us to cater to different markets across the globe.

Why Choose Us?

Custom Packing

Astrotech can design and provide various packaging options as per our customer’s requirement like 1 Lb, 5 Lbs, 30 Lbs, 50 Lbs, And DIY Packs etc.

Private Labelling

We do private labelling as per customer’s specification. The packaging and labels can be tailored to meet their specifications including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information.

Mixed SKUs

We can ship small quantity of different SKU’s consists of different kind of products like Plastic collated, Wire collated, Paper collated, Bulk Nails and concrete Nails within the same container.

New Product Development

We have a strong in house R &D team that continuously work on product/process improvement and also new product development.

Real Time Order Tracking

we do provide ERP /Internet based online tracking facility for our customers to track the status of Purchase orders.

Our team

Our management team have professionals with 30 Years of experience in nail industry and the 70% of our employees have rich experience in nail manufacturing.

Customer Centric

“Customer delight” is the core value system of our company and we strive to keep enhancing the same continuously. This value is demonstrated by all our employees at their functional level. We work closely with every customer to create the required specialty fasteners for their specific requirement.